Dr. Vita Boost Coffee | 3 in 1 Maca Coffee
Dr. Vita Boost Coffee | 3 in 1 Maca Coffee
Dr. Vita Boost Coffee | 3 in 1 Maca Coffee
Dr. Vita Boost Coffee | 3 in 1 Maca Coffee
Dr. Vita Boost Coffee

Dr. Vita Boost Coffee | 3 in 1 Maca Coffee

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    Totoong minsan life is exhausting! Kaya naman minsan feeling natin we have no energy at work or at home.
    Good thing we have this coffee to boost our mood and energy. Introducing Dr. Vita Boost Coffee! The good taste of strong coffee boosts your caffeine in an instant, to get your day going!

    Even having problems like;

    • Menopausal hormone reduction
    • Insomnia all night
    • Exhausted
    • Life stress
    • Monthly Troubles
    • Overwork

    Just take a breath and have a cup of Dr. Vita Boost Coffee. Its seven nutrients replenish human vitality in a cup of coffee.

    This 3 in 1 coffee has Maca, a treasure from the mountains of Peru, and a variety of essential nutrients for rejuvenation.

    A cup of Dr. Vita Boost Coffee will definitely take you back to work and sex vitality, spirit and confidence.

     Dr. Vita Boost Coffee is loaded with these 7 powerful ingredients:

    1. Maca Extracts

    • Boost hormone
    • Men: Improve libido and sperm quality
    • Women: Relieve women's frigidity and menstrual pain

    2. Vitamin B-complex

    • Reduce fatigue
    • Improves vascular metabolism
    • Reduce inflammation

    3. Coffee beans (2.3g)

    • Improve human body function
    • Boost spirit and adrenaline

    4. Rhodiola extract

    • Strengthens and protects cells from damage and dysfunction

    5. Taurine

    • Improve athletic performance
    • Men: Maintain physical strength and improve sports endurance
    • Woman: Relieve fatigue during menstrual period

     6. Barley Grass

    • Reduce oxidative stress in the body
    • Protects sperm from oxidative damage
    • Prevent hormone oxidation

    7. L-Arginine

    • Improve blood circulation and increases mean and women's fertility
    • Men: promote blood flow into the penis and increase hardness
    • Women: Promote ovarian circulation and improve conception

    Why Maca is considered a rare treasure from the Andes mountains in Peru?

    • It improves sperm quality and fertility
    • Improves female sexual dysfunction
    • Improves erectile dysfunction for men (impotence)
    • Promotes the secretion of human reproductive hormones
    • Relieve symptoms of female menopause

      Product Details

      Shelf Life:24 Months
      Pack Type: Value Size
      Formulation: Powders
      Expiry Date: 08/03/2024
      Consumables Form: Powders
      Weight: 100g
      FDA Registration No.: 40000069388931
      Main Ingredient: Maca Extracts

    No Approved Therapeutic Claims!

    Featured Reviews

    Jhon Rey Reyes

    Perfect pang Muscle 💪 Try Dr Vita Maca And Boost Coffee

    Client Feedback

    Hello po! 🙂 Ilang linggo ko na po na gamit ang Dr. Vita Boost Coffee at dama ko na agad ang mga benefits nito. 🙂 Napansin ko na laging naka kondisyon ang aking katawan. 😘 Ang ganda talaga ng product na ito 😍😍 kukuha po ako ulit ng Dr. Vita Boost Coffee 😘😘

    Julius/ Rider

    tatlong linggo ko nang gamit ang Dr. Vita Boost Coffee at ang sarap sa pakiramdam. 🙂Hindi na ako madaling antukin tuwing hapon 😀 Pakiramdam ko ang dami kong energy sa maghapon. Nice na nice talaga ang Dr. Vita Boost Coffee 👍👍 Oorder po ako ulit. salamat po. 😀


    Dati madalas mabitin si misis kapag kami ay naglo-loving-loving, kasi pagod ako maghapon sa trabaho.🙂 Pero noong ginamit ko ang Dr. Vita Boost Coffee ilang linggo pa lang dama ko na ang epekto nito. 🙂 Kahit maghapon akong nagtatrabaho madami pa din akong energy kahit gabi. 🙂 Ang dating bitin sa loving loving ngayon masaya na 😀 Salamat sa Dr. Vita Boost Coffee. Order po ako ulit sa sabado 🥰


    Gustong gusto ko ang product na ito. 🙂 Naramdaman ko ang malaking improvement sa aking katawan mas madami akong energy sa maghapon at stamina 💪💪💪 kuhapo ulit ako sa inyo ng Dr. Vita Boost Coffee. Salamat po 🙂🥰


    Dati inaantok ako sa byahe. Sinubukan ko itong Dr. Vita Boost Coffee totoo nga, hindi ka talaga aantukin highly recommended ito sa mga tulad kong inaantok kapag nasa oras ng trabaho.

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

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