Dr. Vita DHA for Kids
Dr. Vita DHA  | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)
Dr. Vita DHA  | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)
Dr. Vita DHA  | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)
Dr. Vita DHA  | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)
Dr. Vita DHA  | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)
Dr. Vita DHA  | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)

Dr. Vita DHA | Memory Enhancer for Kids (30 Gummies)

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    Dr. Vita DHA with B-Vitamins (For Kids 2-12 Years Old)

    Mom and dad's new bestfriend! This soft candy is designed for children to be strong and healthy. For our kids na:

    • Walang ganang kumain
    • Madaling makalimot sa mga lessons sa school
    • Hirap sa pag answer ng mga modules nila
    • 2 years old na pero hindi pa marunong magsalita
    • Payat at sakitin
    • Hyper at matamlay

    Try our Dr. Vita DHA for Kids with Probiotics, Zinc Gluconate & B-vitamins! Baka ito ang makatulong sa kanila. 

    Perfect for school-aged children who need to absorb a lot of knowledge in their growth period.

    Replenish DHA in the brain anytime! Your kid's new favorite.

    ✔Enhance Brain Function
    ✔Improves Eye Health
    ✔Helps in child's growth
    ✔Immune System Booster
    ✔Boosts cognition and protects Neurons
    ✔Remove toxins in the body

    DHA, Probiotics, Zinc, and B-Vitamins
    CONTENTS: 30 Gummies x 2.5 mg


    dr vita dha for kids
    Dr. Vita DHA is a delicious, healthy and nutritious food supplement, a replacement for snacks. DHA and B-Vitamins are excellent combination for your child’s brain development.
    A. DHA
    • Improvement in kids’ reading, memory and behavior
    • Supports normal cognitive function
    • For brain and eye development and function
    B. Probiotics
    • Helps to remove toxins in the body
    • Increases the absorption of DHA and other nutrients
    C. Zinc Gluconate
    • Helps in mental development
    • Boosts cognition and protects neurons
    • Helps in developing learning function
    D. B-Vitamins
    • Helps in developing memory function
    • Brain booster

    How many capsule intake per day?

    • You can take 1-4 Gummies per day.
    • Recommended for: 6-12 years old.
    • Works best when partnered with S77 Probiotics

    Who can take this?
    2 years old and above or as long as the child can already chew the gummies

    Up to what age pwede mag take ng Dr. Vita DHA for Kids?
    It can be taken up to 12 years old. 13 years old and above can also take the gummies but the vitamin content in one gummy may not be enough for 13 years old and up per day because they need more vitamins.

    Is this safe for kids with other medications?
    This product is safe and made of natural ingredients so you could still use this product 2 hours after taking in the medicine.

    Mga Mommies, bigyan ng tamang nutrition ang ating mga anak.
    Give your kids the highest quality food supplement. High in DHA for brain cell health, learning, and eyesight infused with a natural "strawberry flavor" 🍓🍓🍓 that kids will surely love. Try our Dr. Vita DHA Gummies now and see the difference.

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