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Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Green Barley Juice
dr vita barley
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)
Dr. Vita Barley  | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)

Dr. Vita Barley | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)

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    Dr. Vita Barley is the ultimate superfood!

    According to The Generic Pharmacy website, Barley normalizes blood sugar by up to 70%. This conclusion is followed up by WebMD saying that soluble fiber found in barley helps people with Diabetes to keep them in control.

    Also, according to WebMD; Barley grass is highly rich in antioxidants such as Vitamins A and C. These antioxidants combat free radicals that can cause damage to our bodies. Also, they help lower the risk of problems ranging from decreased skin elasticity to breast and colon cancer.

    Mayo Clinic also cited the importance of barley as it helps control blood sugar levels. The soluble fiber found in Dr. Vita Barley can slow down the absorption of sugar and improve blood sugar levels. Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen contains organic barley and wheatgrass that are beneficial to everyone by keeping the pH level of your body.

    Therefore, a healthy diet that includes barley intake eventually reduces the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

    This was backed up by Medical  News Today's 2018 reviews showing people taking high-fiber diets have a lower risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. These individuals also reported a small reduction in blood glucose levels. 

    dr vita barley reduces blood sugar

    Most diseases, illnesses, and bad bacteria thrive in an over-acidic environment. That's why Dr. Vita Barley's green juice powder is important to maintain the body's natural and pure alkaline state.

    According to the European Food Safety Authority, including fiber-rich foods in a healthy diet reduces risks like;

    • Cardiovascular Diseases (heart disease & stroke)
    • Type 2 Diabetes

    ... because fiber-rich foods like oats and barley contain a special type of fiber called beta-glucan which reduces cholesterol levels.

    • The fiber in barley also reduces the type of cancer called colorectal cancer(bowel cancer).

    The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) estimates that 45% of bowel cancer could be prevented through diet, physical activity, and weight. Things that can be provided or can be benefited from consuming barley.

    With its complex nutrients, Dr. Vita Barley's benefits include the strengthening of the body’s alkaline balance. 

    The fiber in barley grass is the main reason for cholesterol control. Barley grass juice contains phytochemicals such as flavonoids and folate, which also have a positive effect on cholesterol.

    According to, there are 9 benefits of Barley the following are as follows:
    1. Rich in Many Beneficial Nutrients
     Whole grain barley contains a range of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial plant compounds. Soaking or sprouting your barley can improve the absorption of these nutrients.
    2. Reduces Hunger and May Help You Lose Weight
    Barley contains soluble fiber, which reduces hunger and enhances feelings of fullness. It may even promote weight loss.
    3. Insoluble and Soluble Fiber Content Improves Digestion
    Barley’s high fiber content helps food move through your gut and promotes a good balance of gut bacteria, both of which play important roles in digestion.
    May Prevent Gallstones and Reduce Your Risk of Gallbladder Surgery
    The type of insoluble fiber found in barley may prevent the formation of gallstones, helping your gallbladder function normally and reducing your risk of surgery.
    Beta-Glucans May Help Lower Cholesterol
    The type of insoluble fiber found in barley appears to reduce cholesterol levels by preventing its formation and increasing its excretion through the feces.
    May Reduce Heart Disease Risk
    Regularly adding barley to your diet may reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and “bad” LDL cholesterol.
    Magnesium and Soluble Fiber May Protect Against Diabetes
    Whole-grain barley may help improve insulin production and reduce blood sugar levels, both of which may reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.
    May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Fiber and other beneficial compounds found in barley may fight off certain types of cancer, particularly those of the colon. However, more research is needed.
    Versatile and Easy to Add to Your Diet
    Barley is cheap, edible warm or cold, and easily added to a variety of savory and sweet dishes.

    Also, according to,  some of the benefits of Barley are:

    • For lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol,
    • Promoting weight loss.
    • It is also used for digestive complaints including diarrhea, stomach pain, and inflammatory bowel conditions.
    • Some people use barley to increase strength and endurance.
    dr vita barley nutrients

    Packed with wheatgrass and mangosteen that keep the pH of our body balanced, Dr. Vita Barley normalizes cell metabolism so that the body absorbs the nutrients that provide balanced nutrition. 


    Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen Extra concentrated Green Juice with Probiotics Three (3) Powerful Ingredients:

    1. BARLEY JUICE POWDER. Rich in amino acids and dietary fiber which helps preserve a good body figure, regulate physiological functions, provide comprehensive nutrients, and restore physical strength.

    2. WHEATGRASS POWDER. One of the most abundant resources of natural vitamin A and vitamin C, E, K, and B complex. It contains various minerals, including trace elements such as minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt, and zinc, and enzymes. It has also Phytonutrients, 17 amino acids, Chlorophyll, and proteins. It also contains essential amino acids and dietary fiber that is lacking in the diet.


    MANGOSTEEN. The main benefit of Mangosteen is boosting your immunity. Rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It has an antioxidant that helps strengthen the immune system. Mangosteen has a good amount of Vitamin C and fiber. Apart from this, it also contains Xanthones which help strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C present in Mangosteen promotes the production and function of white blood cells. Apart from this, the compounds of this plant have antibacterial properties, which help eliminate harmful bacteria which improves your body’s immune power.


    • Fibersol-2® - For detoxification; Adjust the intestinal function to eliminate toxins
    • Multi-Vegetable and Fruit Powder – Rich in fiber that helps for a favorable bowel movement
    • Spirulina and Chlorella – Provide complete nutrition (rich in chlorophyll, lutein, multi-vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.)

    Benefits of Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen

    • Fights Cancer Cells
    • Promotes Healthy Gut
    • Boosts the Immune System
    • Give Extra Energy & Improves Stamina
    • Reduces Bad Cholesterol
    • Normalize Blood Sugar Level
    • Detoxify Toxins
    • Strengthen your Heart
    • Delays or prevents Major Diseases
    • Cleans Kidney (stones)
    • Detoxifies Liver
    • Reduces blood pressure and the Risk of Stroke
    • Increases HDL (good) cholesterol levels
    • Prevents Cholecystitis
    • Strengthens Joints & Bones
    • Cleans Gallbladder (stones)
    • Helps control Weight
    • Improves Mood & Self-Esteem
    • Contributes to “Brain Fitness”
    • Gives a Good Night’s Rest
    • Relieves Stress & Worry
    • Improves Balance & Circulation
    • Delays Aging Process
    dr vita barley benefit
    Pwede ka uminom ng Dr.Vita Barley kung nararamdaman mo o meron ka nang mga sumusunod:
    • High Blood Pressure
    • High Blood Sugar
    • High Cholesterol
    • Gastrointestinal Disorder
    • Constipated
    • Anemic
    • Premenstrual Syndrome
    • Muscle & Joints pain
    • Weak Immune System
    • Kidney Problem
    • Tumor/Cyst/Bukol
    • Diabetes
    • Mayoma
    • Kidney Stone
    • Gall Stone
    • Liver Problem
    • Bronchial Problem
    • Acid Reflux
    • Ulcer
    • Goiter
    • Stress
    • Bad Odor
    • Insomnia

    How do you take Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen?
    Take 1 sachet of Dr. Vita green barley with or without a meal any time of the day. Can be mixed with a small amount of food or beverages or you can take it sublingually directly to the mouth. 

    What are the benefits of Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen?
    Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen is

    • Rich in amino acids & dietary fiber which preserve good body figures
    • Regulate physiological functions
    • Provide comprehensive nutrients
    • Restore physical strength
    • pH Balance ( Super Green Juice ).
    • Purifies the blood and assists the liver in eliminating the toxins.

    How do you take Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen?
    You can take 1 to 3 sachets every day. 1 sachet of Barley, mix it with 1 glass of cold or regular water. You can also take it sublingually directly to the mouth. Depending on the desired results.

    What is the best time to take Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen?
    It's best to sip it slowly on an empty stomach, either 20 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after, so that the nutrients can be assimilated easily without the presence of other foods. Take either cold or room temperature liquid, as hot liquid will break down the live enzymes.

    Important Note: When making Dr. Vita Barley a juice drink, use 200ml of cold or room temperature water. Warm or Hot water will break down the live enzymes.

    Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

    Precaution: For adults use only. For pregnant and lactating women, consult your doctors first.

    This is a food supplement made up of natural ingredients. The reason why food supplements exist is for them to supply the lacking nutrients from our daily diet.

    It has antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system. Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen: Your protection against nutrition deficiency! 

    Note: Pregnant women have more nutritional needs compared to any age group. It is better to consider using food supplements to get enough nutrition. But you should always discuss it with your attending physician.

    Net Weight: 45 grams

    Category: Health & Personal Care, Slimming, Slimming Drinks
    Brand: Dr. Vita (Shantahl Direct Sales Inc.)
    Wellbeing Supplement Functions: Diabetic Support, Digestion & Liver, Multivitamin & Minerals, Nutritional Food & Drinks
    Nutrient Type: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
    Life Stage: Adult
    Country of Origin: Taiwan
    Volume: 200ml
    Weight: 10g
    Storage Condition: Normal
    Pack Type: Value Size
    Skin Type: All Skin Type
    Gender: Unisex
    Shelf Life: 24 Months
    Consumables Form: Powders
    FDA Registration No.: FR-40000004471840
    Ingredient Preference: Immunity
    Quantity: 30 sachets
    Pack Size: 1 Pack (1.5 gms.)
    Ingredient: Barley Grass Powder, Fibersol-2, Wheatgrass Powder, Chlorella, Spirulina, Mangosteen

    Featured Reviews

    Client Feedback

    Maraming salamat po sa product nyo. Akala ko po wala nakong pag asa gumaling kundi dahil kay Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen, wala nakong pag asa na gumaling sa PCOS ko at Regular napo ang menstruation ko. Sobrang salmat po kay Dr. Vita Barley dahil mataas na confidence ko. Thank you po talaga.

    Mercy Evangelista

    Actually kagagaling ko nga lang po sa doctor ko this morning, and ang sabi nya malaki na raw ang iniliit ng bukol ko sa leeg, pag nag tuloy tuloy daw yung pag liit nito, hindi ko na raw kakailanganin ng operasyon. thank GOD at akala ko talaga hindi ko na maiiwasan yung pag papa opera ko.

    Pastor Ghil

    Napakalaking pagbabago ang naramdaman ko mula nang simulan kong gamitin ang produkto na ito. Mas malakas at mas energetic ako ngayon, at unti-unti, nararamdaman ko na umaayos pakiramdam ng aking puso ko di nako hirap makahinga. Natutuwa ako dahil sa bawat pagtetake ko ng Dr. Vita Barley with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen, nararamdaman ko ang effect nito sa aking katawan kasi ngayun mas masigla ako kahit kabila ng aking nararamdaman.


    Di nako muli nahihilo at tumataas ang aking blood pressure simula ng nagtry ako dr vita barley with wheatgrass and mangosteen. napaka husay nya talaga.


    I'm not a fan of barley, pero ngayon aminado ko na natulungan ako ng Dr. Vita Barley sa asthma ko, lalo na pag sumusumpong. Dati kasi konting alikabok o kaya pag lumakad ng malayo-layo sinusumpong na ko ng asthma, kaya madalas pag gamit ko ng inhaler, sumubok ako nitong Dr. Vita Barley at unti-unti nabawasan yung pag sumpong ng asthma ko, ngayon madalang na kong sumpungin, although always pa din ako may dalang inhaler pero madalang ko na gamitin dahil sa Dr. Vita Barley.


    Dati kalako hindi na gagaling sa hika ko. hindi ko inaakala na mayroong palang Dr. Vita Barley with wheatgrass and mangosteen di na muli ako sinumpong at tuluyan ng nawala ang aking hika. Bilang isang tricycle driver sobrang hirap dahil maghapon ako nasa kalsada at napaka prone ko sa alikabok kaya madalas ako sumpungin ng hika ko. Kaya kadalasan di ako makapamasada ng maayos dahil umuuwi nalang ako upang ipahinga ito. pero malaking pasalamat ko na nakilala ko itong dr vita barley with wheatgrass and mangosteen kahit naalikabukan ako ay di na muli ako sisusumpong ng hika at naramdaman ko na mas lumakas ang aking pangangatawan dahil sa product na to.

    Jelady Fabriga Mosende

    Ito din po iniinum ng mame q kc stroke po cxa 3 yrs ago, 1 mnth pa lang po pg take nya at nakita namin na effective po cxa. dati kc hindi magalaw left side nya, ngaun magalaw-galaw na cxa at may laman na rin, b4 kc halos buto balat nlng.....salamat Dr. Vita Barley

    Quirine Joves

    Salamat po sa dr vita barley with wheatgrass and mangosteen na matulungan nya ako na masulusyonan ang aking dismenorrhea talagang laking ginhawa na nung uminom ako nito. dahil naging okay nadin ang aking panunaw. kaya halos 2x ko sya iniinom dahil napakaeffective nya at para magtuloy tuloy na ang ginhawa sa aking tiyan.

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied Customer here!

    Dred Pajarillo

    Satisfied Customer here!

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

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