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Dr. Vita Barley | Green Barley Juice Powder (30 Sachets)

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    Dr. Vita Barley is the ultimate superfood!

    According to The Generic Pharmacy website, barley normalizes blood sugar of up to 70%. This conclusion is followed up by WebMD saying that soluble fiber found in barley helps people with Diabetes to keep them in control.

    Mayo Clinic also cited the importance of barley as it helps control blood sugar levels. The soluble fiber found in Dr. Vita Barley can slow down the absorption of sugar and improve blood sugar levels.

    Therefore, a healthy diet that includes barley intake eventually reduces the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

    This was backed up by Medical  News Today's 2018 reviews showing people taking high fiber diets to having a lower risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. These individuals also reported a small reduction in blood glucose levels. 

    dr vita barley reduces blood sugar

    Most diseases, illnesses, and bad bacteria thrive in an over acidic environment. That's why Dr. Vita Barley green juice powder is important to maintain the body's natural and pure alkaline state.

    According to the European Food Safety Authority, including fiber rich foods in a healthy diet reduces risks like;

    • Cardiovascular Diseases (heart disease & stroke)
    • Type 2 Diabetes

    ... because fiber rich foods like oats and barley contains a special type of fiber called beta glucan which reduces cholesterol levels.

    • The fiber in barley also reduces the type of cancer called colorectal cancer(bowel cancer).

    The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) estimate that 45% of bowel cancer could be prevented through diet, physical activity and weight. Things that can be provided or can be benefited from consuming barley.

    With its complex nutrients, Dr. Vita Barley's benefits includes the  strengthening of the body’s alkaline balance. 

    dr vita barley nutrients

    Packed with wheatgrass and mangosteen that keeps the ph of our body balanced, Dr. Vita barley normalizes cell metabolism so that  the body absorbs the nutrients that provides balanced nutrition. 

    dr vita barley benefits

    Dr. Vita Barley
    with Wheatgrass and Mangosteen Extra concentrated Green Juice with Probiotics Three (3) Powerful Ingredients:

    1. BARLEY JUICE POWDER. Rich in amino acids and dietary fiber which helps preserve good body figure, regulate physiological functions, provide comprehensive nutrients, and restore physical strength.

    2. WHEATGRASS POWDER. One of the most abundant resources of natural vitamin A and vitamin C, E, K, and B complex. It contains various minerals, including trace elements such as minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt and zinc, and enzymes. It has also Phytonutrients, 17 amino acids, Chlorophyll and proteins. It also contains essential amino acids and dietary fiber that is lacking in the diet.

    3. MANGOSTEEN. The main benefit of Mangosteen is boosting your immunity. Rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. It has an antioxidant which helps strengthen the immune system. Mangosteen has a good amount of Vitamin C and fiber. Apart from this, it also contains Xanthones which is helpful in strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C present in Mangosteen promotes the production and function of white blood cells. Apart from this, the compounds of this plant have antibacterial properties, which are helpful in eliminating harmful bacteria which improves your body’s immune power.

    Benefits of Dr. Vita Barley

      • Fights Cancer Cells
      • Boosts the Immune System
      • Give Extra Energy & Improves Stamina
      • Reduces Bad Cholesterol
      • Normalize Blood Sugar Level
      • Detoxify Toxins
      • Strengthen your Heart
      • Delays or prevents Major Diseases
      • Reduces blood pressure and the Risk of Stroke
      • Strengthens Joints & Bones
      • Helps control Weight
      • Improves Mood & Self-Esteem
      • Contributes to “Brain Fitness”
      • Gives Good Night’s Rest
      • Relieves Stress & Worry
      • Improves Balance & Circulation
      • Delays Aging Process
    dr vita barley benefit

    Suggested Use: Take 1 sachet of Dr. Vita green barley with or without meal anytime of the day. Can be mixed with small amount of food or beverages or take directly to mouth.

    Important Note: When making Dr. Vita Barley as a juice drink, use 200ml of COLD or room temperature water. Warm or Hot water will break down the live enzymes.

    Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight not exceeding 30 degree Celsius.

    Precaution: For adults use only. For pregnant and lactating women, consult your doctors first.

    This is a food supplement made up of natural ingredients. The reason why food supplements exist is for it to supply the lacking nutrients from our daily diet.

    *Pregnant women have more nutritional needs compared to any age groups. It is better to consider using food supplements to get enough nutrition. But you should always discuss it with your attending doctor.

    Net Weight: 45 grams

    FR - 4000003911776
    Lot No.: 1903136
    Mfg. Date: 24 Oct 2019
    Exp. Date: 23 Oct 2022

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    Client's Feedback

    Hi po Maraming salamat po 1 week ko palang nagagamit yung Dr. Vita Barley pero nakita ko na agad ang result hindi na feeling bloated ang tiyan ko due to Acid Reflux hindi na rin po ako dumighay ng sobra nakakatulog na ulit ako ng mahimbing maraming salamat po sa tulong niyo 😊

    Client's Feedback

    Salamat sa barley, dahil dito nawala ang pamamaga at pananakit ng paa ko, dati rati ang taas ng aking blood pressure, ngayon umayos at gumanda ang aking pakiramdam after 3 days ko na pagtake neto, maraming salamat barley! ❤️

    Client's Feedback

    Hi po sobrang saya ko sa naging resulta nang Dr. Vita Barley dahil nawala ang hyper acidity ko, dati before i try your product nagdalawang isip ako kasi baka mapakla ang lasa nito pero nung na try ko sya ang sarap nya matamis tamis na lasang tea lang at ito pa pag hagol sa oras pwedi ko na syang i directa sa bibig ko 😊 At take note ang bilis pa nang delivery nyo Order po ako ulit ❤️

    Client's Feedback

    I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer stage 3. Proud user of Dr. Vita Barley here!

    Gwapz Opgu

    Matagal ko na po kayo hinahanap naalala mo pa po ako po Yong nag order na para sa mama ko na nahihirapan na talaga sa karamdaman niya... after 3 months po na pag take ng mama ko totoo po pala nag extend ang buhay at malusog na po si mama ngayon. mahirap lang kame kaya pasalamat kame na mora at effective.. at buong family po namin gumagamit na.. oorder po ako ulit kasi malapit na po maubos

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