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Buy 1 + Get 1 Dr. Vita OPC
Buy 1 + Get 1 Dr. Vita OPC
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC for Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health
Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health

Dr. Vita OPC- For Prostate Health

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    Dr. Vita OPC with B-vitamins and Zinc (For Men)

    Most people are not aware of this cancer; prostate cancer is a common disease that infects a place in the male body called the prostate gland and spreads slowly. It can be small tumors or inflammation in the affected area at first. What causes it is uncertain, though there are known risk factors, such as age. Prostate cancer is one of the most common urinary tract infections. 

    According to a review published in the "Alternative Medicine Review" journal last April 2000; OPC has shown anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-cancer fighting potential. The product promotes healthy blood vessel dilation and joint flexibility.

    According to the study of  Dr. Debasis Bagchi, Ph.D., a Creighton University professor of pharmaceutical and administrative sciences who also works for grape-seed product maker InterHealth Nutraceuticals. OPC or oligoproanthocyanidin is a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant destroys free radicals.  Free radicals are molecules that cause the DNA, tissues, and cells to be damaged and, therefore, contribute to cancer, heart diseases, and many other illnesses. Bagchi says, that because of the OPC structure, it can neutralize several free radicals at once while each molecule of better-known antioxidants like vitamins C and E can handle only one at a time.

    Dr. Vita OPC is a supplement for the prostate health of men. It also contains B vitamins and Zinc for additional vitamins and minerals. It contains cranberry, grapeseed, and probiotics to promote complete prostate care. It can induce apoptosis of prostate cancer cells without causing damage to healthy cells. 

    PACKED WITH 6 POWERFUL INGREDIENTS that work together for complete prostate support. It includes Grapeseed, Cranberry, Probiotics, Zinc Gluconate, B vitamins, and Sodium Ascorbate.

    1. Grapeseed (source of OPC) - Contains high amounts of proanthocyanidins and flavonoid polyphenols that can be quickly absorbed by the body. It has the functions of scavenging free radicals, acting as an antioxidant, and preventing prostatitis. It can induce apoptosis of prostate cancer cells without causing damage to healthy cells.
    2. Cranberry - contains anthocyanin that can effectively inhibit bacterial adhesion to the urinary tract wall and prevent urinary tract infections.
    3. Probiotics - Balances the microflora of the urinary system, fights harmful bacteria, replenishes good bacteria, and establishes a good flora protection system.
    4. Zinc Gluconate - This vital mineral is essential for prostate health. E. B-vitamins - help to minimize chromosomal breakage, reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
    5. Sodium Ascorbate - to increase immunity
    6. B vitamins - help to minimize chromosomal breakage, reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

    About Dr. Vita OPC:

      • SUPERIOR PROSTATE HEALTH SUPPORT. Maintain healthy prostate function enjoy renewed energy and boost your mood, drive, and performance.
      • LESS BATHROOM TRIPS. Don't let an enlarged prostate keep you up at night! Our extra strength formula helps control the bladder and promote normal urinary flow and volume to reduce frustrating bathroom visits and help you get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.
      • ALL NATURAL AND SAFE FOR DAILY USE. Dr. Vita OPC is made in a registered facility in Taiwan that adheres to GMP guidelines, is FDA compliant, and is ISO certified. All ingredients are naturally sourced, non-GMO, and contain no gluten, dairy, soy or harmful additives. 
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    You can take 1-4 capsules of Dr. Vita OPC everyday. It can be the in the morning or evening, before or after meal.

    CONTENT: Has 30 capsules x 500mg. Dr. Vita OPC is a supplement for prostate health of men. It also contains B-Vitamins and Zinc for additional vitamins and minerals.

    Who can take Dr. Vita OPC? 

    Dr. Vita OPC can be taken by 18 years old and above.

    Can I take Dr. Vita OPC together  with my medications? 

    Dr. Vita OPC is safe and made of natural ingredients so you could still use this product 2 hours after taking in the medicine.

    DISCLAIMER: EFFECTS May Vary from person to person. Please Consult your Medical Practitioner before taking any Supplements especially those who have Medical Conditions, Underlying Condition, Pregnant or Lactating Moms.

    Featured Reviews

    Geraldine E. Ducusin

    Sa ngayon po ok na ang kulay ng ihi nya saka di nrin po masakit pag umihi siya. dati kasi nadidisturbo po ang nya kasi ilang beses sya babangon sa gabi para mag ihi.. tpos nung lumala na po sakit nya pina check namin psa level nya umabot na po 100 kaya sabi ng doctor ipa biopsy dw para malaman kung may tumor po ang prostate nya po. dipo nmin pina biopsy po ksi sabi nila dilikado dw po pag galawin kaya poro gamot na resita ng doctor po ang pina inom nmin hanggang sa pabalik balik na po sa hospital po. so naawa ako sa papa ko one time nag scroll ako sa fb nkita ko po ang opc kya nag basa2 po ako sa mga comments f effective po ba. bali nag message request po ako sa mga nka try na po tpos ayun po nagreply naman po sila na ok daw ang opc kya nag order po ako. sa ngayon po medyo ok2 na po condition ng pa2 ko po ksi nkakabangon na po sya na sya lng isa ok nrin po ang pag ihi nya di kagaya dati na pabalik balik sa cr malakas na po sya slmat tlga sa opc ksi malaki ang naitulong po sa papa ko. May improvement po kasi sa papa ko kya malaking tulong po kau sa health condition nya po.

    Tibs Santos

    Tibs Santos po From angeles city, last 5 years ago 6 months po ako naka catheter, ito lang june 6 lumaki ulit ang prostate gland ko na catheter ulit, ang akala ko 6 ulit ako may catheter, ng start po ako uminum ng DR VITA OPC july 3, na remove na ang catheter ko for only 2 WEEKS, naka ihi na ako normal, laki pasalamat ko sa DR VITA OPC GRAPESEED PH within 2 bottles lang wala na catheter ko. thanks god

    Client Feedback

    Thank you po sa OPC gumaling na ang paghirap kung umihi, hindi pa nga nauubos ang isang bote malaki na ang pinagbago ng nararamdaman ko pinagsabay ko ang Dr. Vita Maca dating nangungulontoy na ang manoy ko ngayon balik sa dati at lumaki pa.

    Client Feedback

    Nung nka inom aku ok na yung pag ihi ko at lalo na sa pagdudumi ko normal ang na lahat, so ngayun bumalek kaya gusto kong uminom ulet. Tested and proven na sa akin yun, kaya sa susunod pag may budget damihan kona pag order

    Sualito Dela Bajan

    ok na nararmdamn ko.. Yung dati ko na enlarge Prostate na 42cm.., after ko inumin ang 1 month programm nag pa ultrasound aku,. 23 cm nalang ngayon. Ok nako salamat sa OpC nyo,,, ganun ba uli prisyu ng 1 month 90 capsules?

    Rex Dapapac Manoza

    OK naman medjo gumagaan na pakiramdam ko, at nakaka tulog na ako ng maayos, di tulad dati herap ako nakatulog at pabalikbalik sa pag INI, ngaun ok na ako, dahil sa Dr vita opc ,, kya maraming salamat sa Dr vita opc,,

    Client Feedback

    Gumamit ako last month ng isang bote, madalas kasi ako umihi. Effective. kaya order ako ng 2 bottles.

    Client Feedback

    Thanks sa Dr. Vita OPC hindi na ako palagi umiihi sa kasarapan ng tulog ko, simula ng uminom for 5 days nawala pati ng pananakit ng puson ko at balakang, ngayon sarap na ng tulog ko.

    Vhoyet Coronel

    Ito s awa ng diyos at sa tulong ng OPc nakakaihi nko ng Maayos. Dti iniiri kopa para lng lumabas kya minsan my ksama dugo ngayon hindi na. Hndi nako nahihirapan umihi. Salamat sa OPc, lking tulong sakin

    Client Feedback

    Hlo po, good morning,, tanong lang po ako, kasi last na po yung 1bottle, pag naubos po stop na po pag inum? kasi umoki po naramdaman n mister ko po. Ok na pkiramdam nya po, nawala na yung naramdaman nya na kirot yung pag ihi sa gabi isang bises na lang po.

    Client Feedback

    Satisfied customer here!

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