dr vita glutathione
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original
Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original

Best Glutathione Capsule | Dr. Vita - 100% Original

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    The best glutathione capsule is now in the Philippines. Dr. Vita Glutathione is 100% all organic, natural, non-GMO, FDA approved and certified by International Standard Organization.

    Achieve healthier glowing skin with Dr. Vita Glutathione.


    Gluta-Y®, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Probiotics, Magnesium + Zinc

      All in One Capsule!💊 ( For Men & Women)

      Why Dr. Vita Glutathione is the best glutathione capsule in the Philippines?

      It has;

      • Gluta-Y® - Patented Glutathione
      • Vitamin C – Helps to enhance the activity of glutathione and also an antioxidant that inhibits melanin production.
      • Vitamin E Kiwi Extract – Has anti-inflammatory effect that helps fights and clears acne; also useful in controlling sebum (oil) production of the skin.
      • Probiotics – Increases the absorption of glutathione and other ingredients.
      • Elastin – helps maintains skin elasticity.

      Benefits of Dr. Vita Glutathione
      • Glutathione helps promotes whitening
      • Vitamin E for Antioxidant and Anti-aging
      • Vitamin C promotes collagen absorption
      • Magnesium + Zinc = Key to rejuvenating skin 

      Dr. Vita Glutathione can also...

        • Protect your liver
        • Boost your immune system
        • Flush-out Toxins
        • Tighten Pores and Saggy Skin
        • Protect Skin damaging because of UV Rays
      dr vita glutathione benefits

      How to take Dr. Vita Glutathione? 
      • You can take 1-2 capsules of Dr. Vita Glutathione everyday. It can be in the morning or in the evening, before or after meal.

        Is there any side effects from taking Dr. Vita Glutathione?

        • No. But taking ordinary glutathione long-term has been linked to lower zinc levels. Inhaled glutathione may also trigger asthma attacks in people who have asthma. Symptoms may include wheezing.

        Choose only Dr. Vita Glutathione.

        What is the best time to take dr. vita glutathione?

        • The best time in taking glutathione is when your stomach is empty, like before going to bed or early in the morning. There are no reports of glutathione overdose but it should be only taken for a maximum of two capsules per day.

        Dosage & Indication:

        • You can take maximum of 4 capsules of Dr. Vita Glutathione everyday. It can be the in the morning or evening, before or after meal.
        • But if you're planning to consume only one capsule per day, take it in the morning so it can also protect you from UV rays.

        Who can take Dr. Vita Glutathione? 

        • It can be used by 18 years old and above.

        I am Pregnant and/or Lactating, is Dr. Vita Glutathione still advisable ? 

        • Though this product is safe and made of natural ingredients, it is better to consult the doctor first if you are lactating or pregnant.

        Can I take this along with my other medications?

        This product is safe and made of natural ingredients so you could still use this product 2 hours after taking in the medicine.

        Featured Reviews

        Jenny, Teen Model

        Affordable , and SUPER Effective! Dr. Vita Glutathione lang talaga noong una pa. Ang hirap maka hanap ng ibang gluta kasi walang kasing bisa ng Dr. Vita!

        Jamaica, Performing Arts

        grabe ang ganda ng effect nya sakin una kong napansin nakakaalis ng mga pimples and acne bukod sa Nakakaputi and glow ng skin , Kahit pagod ako from dance workshop at iba pang activities di na ako ganun kabilis sakitin. im still have the energy throughout the day. at dahil pinoy tayo sobrang daming food ang mga nakakain natin expose sa mga alak, fatty foods, cholesterol,kaya sobrang thankful ako sa Dr. Vita Glutathione kase i know Gluta helps me to make my liver healthy again.

        Angelica, Influencer

        Mas madaling ma achieve ang skin goals with Dr. Vita Glutathione! Masdaling i maintain ang ideal rosy fair at young skin kasi affordable and may PROMO pa! Super Effective kahit affordable!

        Danica Peralta

        super love ko talaga ang Dr.Vita Glutathione hindi lang nito napapaputi ang balat ko natulungan nia den ang bowel movement ko and also madalang na den ako magkapimples 🙂 at nararamdaman ang healthy ko na den 🙂 ang galing dba ! glowing skin kana healthy body ka pa 🙂

        Danillo Emerson

        Hindi lang babae ang pwedeng mag take ng glutathione syempre kami den mga lalaki para dagdag pogi points ! pero alam nyo ba na 2 weeks palang ako nag take nag Dr.Vita Glutathione ay nagglow na yung balat ko at napansin ko natuyo ang pimples ko tapos ayun nagulat ako parang nagiging poreless ako.

        Client Testimony

        Rosier than your ordinary whitening ! Iba ang alaga ng Dr. Vita Glutathione! Consistent ang whitening at protection niya sa aking skin!

        Shatsie V., Wowowin Dancer

        araw araw haggard dahil sa araw araw na dance workshop pero dahil i take Dr. Vita Glutathione hindi halata ang pagod dahil bukod sa nkakapag paputi ito ang galing mkapagpafresh talaga at napansin ko na ang ganda ng tulog ko

        Mikey Muriera

        Satisfied and happy talaga ako sa resulta😍 Ito yun mga beshh!! Sulit😍 Bukod sa mahimbing tulog ko pag gabe..mabilis ang pag glow at pag puti nang skin ko😍 Kaya kahit ramdam ang init sa labas..maintain paren ang kutis artista mga beshhh...❤

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