About The Author

My name is Glenn Mark Maglasang - your Health advocate. I am a blogger, an Affiliate Marketer and a small business owner.

Everything started with a firm conviction last 2014. The time when there was not even one mentor to learn from. And everything was a product of constant trying then failing more into a massive financial loss.

But eventually, I get my feet to where I stand today. I was able to understand the basic principle that I should've realize in the first place. I began to understand that it is not just about the money made but the capability to change someone's life to be better.

glenn mark maglasang

That it's all about perceiving and giving value to other people. The willingness and having the passion to help address other people's problems. And then seeing them improved, have a healthy living, contented and happy- signifies living with a purpose in life.

A true definition of success.

Today, I devote myself as a catalyst of Health and Wellness as I help educate my fellow filipinos achieved healing in a natural way. Because as I concentrate on my personal growth, I've witnessed others to be slowly taken by time and sickness as well.

This is the point in my life where I want to see YOU do what you love. Live with a purpose, happy, healthy and secured. I want you to experience it because you deserve the goodness of life. The feeling of living it to the fullest, with a deeper purpose, of being able to spend more time with your love ones, the freedom, the healthy surroundings and the security.

Ultimately, the end of your pursuit of happiness.