Dr. Vita Opcumin Pro
Dr. Vita Opcumin Pro
Dr. Vita Opcumin Pro
Dr. Vita Opcumin Pro

Dr. Vita Opcumin Pro

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    The Newest Sentinel of Health from Dr. Vita is now available in your favorite Twin Pack Promo! Dr. Vita OPCumin Pro Twin pack!

    Introducing The 1st of the Dr. Vita Health Sentinel Trio.
    Dr. Vita OPCumin with Equine placenta helps:
    • Build immune defenses
    • Maintain immune activity in the body
    • Enhance immune suppress inflammation
    • Fight cancer cells
    • Dosage form upgrade
    • OPC fights cancer cells
    • Double-layer tablet for rapid disintegration + relief
    • Immune defense

      Dr. Vita Opcumin Pro Ingredients:

    🍇 Grape Seed Extract- Reduces the area of Cancerous Tumor.
    Has high content of proanthocyanidin OPC, reduces the area of ​​tumor cancer

    1. It has been experimentally confirmed that grape seed extract can regulate the inflammatory response in the body
    Proven: Grape Seed Extract Controls Risk Factors for Circulatory Disease

    🍒 Cranberry Extract - Provides resistance to cancer cells.
    6 Surprising Benefits of Cranberry extract according to https://health.clevelandclinic.org
    1. Prevent urinary tract infections
    2. Prevent cavities
    3. Reduce inflammation
    4. Maintain digestive health
    5. Improve heart health
    6. Prevent cancer

    💪 Multivitamins - Enhance immune defense

    1. Vitamin B1= Helps maintain normal energy metabolism
    2. Vitamin B2=Helps maintain a healthy skin system
    3. Vitamin B3=Promotes health of skin, nervous system, mucous membranes, and digestive system
    4. Vitamin B6= Improves nervous system health
    5. Vitamin C=Improve immune defense

    💪 Zinc Gluconate - Reverse Immune Deficiency
    1. Improve cellular immunity and vitality
    2. Reverse immune deficiency and reduce the time to onset
    Zinc-containing treatment reduces the average duration of the common cold by approximately 7 days, resulting in an immune-boosting effect

    🧹 Patented Fibersol2- Absorbs toxins in the body and effectively expels them.
    Absorb toxins in the body, promote intestinal peristalsis, and expel toxins from the body
    🛡 Patented Turmeric Extract - Inhibits tumor cell survival
    Highly concentrated curcumin inhibits tumor cell survival and exerts an anti-cancer effect
    1. Inhibits the spread of pancreatic cancer cells
    2. Prevent breast cancer cell metastasis
    3. Suppress bladder cancer
    4. Inhibit skin cancer

    🧬 Horse Placenta Powder- Stimulates skin cell repair and regeneration. Anti-aging.

    The precious contents of horse placenta powder:
    1. Stem cell
    2. Growth factor
    3. Vitamins
    4. Polysaccharide
    5. Amino acid
    1. Placenta Extract Provides Mechanisms for Tissue Repair and Regeneration
    2. Rich in Nutrient Amino Acids
    3. Placenta therapy has been used in various clinical applications, with antioxidant chemical, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, hair growth promotion, improvement properties for health, cell proliferation, tissue regeneration, and wound healing

    DR. VITA OPCUMIN  PRO helps with Prostate Problems, UTI & Kidney Problems, and other Urinating and CANCER Diseases.

    Get your 1st Guardian for health in Dr. Vita OPCumin now!

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