Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen
Dr. Vita Mangosteen

Dr. Vita Mangosteen

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    Ang MANGOSTEEN ay isang prutas na nagsusupply ng COMPLETE NUTRITION from Birth to Old Age at isa sa most Nutritious of all PLANT foods na nakakatulong mag maintain ng STRENGTH,STAMINA and ENERGY hanggang sa Pagtanda.
    👉 Helps in Digestion
    👉 Alkalinizes the Body
    👉 Improves Colon Health
    👉 Delays the Aging Process
    👉 Helps Minimize Body Odor
    👉 Improves Blood Circulation
    👉 Strengthens immune system
    👉 Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels
    👉 Helps Relieve Respiratory Conditions
    👉 Useful in Lowering/Balancing Blood Sugar
    👉 Removes Destructive Toxins from the Body
    👉 Helps Relieve various Gastrointestinal Conditions
    👉 Protects Against cancer and goiter

    Dr. Vita Mangosteen
    (with Purple Corn & Probiotic)
    is one of the newly launched quality product of Shantahl's Dr. Vita series.

    Aside from mangosteen, we also put purple corn for more antioxidant effect; fibersol-2 to promote metabolism; and probiotics for higher absorption of nutrients.

    Health benefits of Dr. Vita Mangosteen:

    • Aids in quick healing of wounds and weight loss
    • Helps in preventing cancer and cardiovascular ailments
    • Loaded with Fiber
    • You Get A Ton Of Vitamins And Minerals
    • Reduces Cancer Risk
    • Fights Obesity
    • Reduces Inflammation Throughout The Body
    • Supports Heart Health
    • Improves Your Circulation
    • Eliminates Risk Of Developing Diabetes
    • Promotes Kidney Health
    • Improves Eye Health


    dr vita mangosteen benefits


    Main ingredient:

    Mangosteen - contains Xanthone that inhibits free radicals, keeping cells in optimal biological state and enhances immunity as well.

    Other contents:

    • Mangosteen Extract – This is more concentrated than the powder. Mangosteen is considered as super antioxidant for it rich in nutrients such as xanthone, catechin, proanthocyanidin, etc.

    • Purple Corn – rich in SOD, directly supplement the body's required SOD to fight against free radicals in the body. SOD is an enzyme that can remove excess free radicals in the body and is an antioxidant enzyme

    • Fibersol-2® - a patented ingredient that contains more than 85% dietary fiber. This promotes intestinal peristalsis thus, making the metabolism faster.

    • Probiotics – promotes better absorption of mangosteen and purple corn. Better absorption will make our product more effective.


    Dosage & Instructions:
    • • 1-2 capsules a day. It can be taken before or after meals to get the most from it without mixing it with our regular food.
    • • This has no over dosage because it is a natural food supplement, it has no side effects and no adverse reaction.
    • Featured Reviews

    Client Feedback

    Okey po makakatulog na ako ng mahimbing salamat sa mangosteen at salamat sa inyo po

    Client Feedback

    Medyo lumiit n nga eh hindi na masyado masakit

    Client Feedback

    Ang laking tulong sa lola ko nito dahil lalo na ngayon mostly senior ang tinatamaan ng virus. 3 months na siya nagtatake buti hindi ko nilalaktaw ng pagtatake. Salamat Dr. Vita Mangosteen dahil protektado ang lola ko pati ang buong pamilya namin.

    Client Feedback

    Hilo mam ok lang mam maganda mangosteen mam. After ko magchemo, eto na ang tinake ko ganda kasi gumaan pakiramdam ko, tumataas na resistensya ko tapos umookay na pag dumi ko. kasi after ko chemo sobrang bagsak katawan ko mam si Dr. Vita mangosteen lang talaga mam nakapagbalik ng sigla katawan ko

    Roderick P., Toktok Rider

    Tibay at Lakas ba ng Resistensya kamo. Sagot ng S77, Mangosteen, Chondroitin Yan. Samahan po ntin ng Nutrifit slimming coffee. Kaagapay ng Laks ng Toktok Rider sumagupa sa Daan ng paglalakbay

    Client Feedback

    laking tulong po sa lolo ko mam. Araw araw po pag inom nya wala na po sumasakit sakit sa kanya. tsaka lumakas po sya simula ng nagtake sya nito.

    Anna David

    Di ko alam kung nagkataon lang eh..3 days na ako me sakit..wala gana kumain..nung dumating ito..uminom ako agad ng 1 cap..kinabukasan ng umaga nakakain ako at naubos ko lahat pati gatas ko. Ngayon matakaw na akong kumain kahit covid carrier ako. Napakalakas kong kumain gutom ako parati. Parang wala nga akong covid eh

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